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MIGRACALM® exists in two sizes:

Small MIGRACALM® and large MIGRACALM®.

In order to know what size best fits each patient, an initial reference may be gender. The small size usually fits women better, while the large size fits men. Nonetheless, hairdo, thicker hair, or simply greater comfort may also make the large size suitable for women. For this reason, the diameter of the head may be taken as a reference. Where this diameter exceeds 56 cm, the large size is recommended.

It must be pointed out that in order to see whether or not MIGRACALM® is exerting sufficient pressure, this should be checked during a migraine attack. Between attacks, when there is no vessel dilation and hence no headache, it is normal to feel excessive pressure and discomfort.
The purpose is to use this with migraine!

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MIGRACALM® alleviates migraine pain by putting pressure on the superficial temporal arteries.
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